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Our standard door hardware offering is superlative German-built Getsch-Unitis, (G-U) solid bronze lever lock sets with ultra-secure multi-point locking configurations. Choose from five (5) classic lever styles and eight (8) gorgeous finishes.

At your direction, we will gladly hang your doors with your personal choice of hardware. In this illustrated example, our clients requested a solid polished brass set from Baldwin with a matching Cremone bolt on the inactive leaf.

Sight-unseen is the solid laminated construction detail of our prime doors and screen/storm doors. The rails and stiles of every Renaissance window and door are created from two pieces of mahogany, glued under intense pressure for eight hours using a two-part waterproof epoxy.

Yes this craftworthy method costs a bit more, and yes the unequaled dimensional stability is definitely worth it!

Seen, or unseen, Our Details Make The Renaissance Difference.

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