Renaissance begins your Skylight by hand-selecting timbers from premium grades of specialty lumber.

The woods we use are renowned for their striking beauty, unique character, outstanding strength, dimensional stability, and unsurpassed durability.

The natural splendor is further enhanced as the wood is carefully shaped by the skilled hands of our Lancaster County craftsmen in-keeping with time-honored traditions of custom cabinetmaking and fine woodworking.

We will consider our work to be finished when our creative talents and craftsmanship have transformed one of Nature's magnificant creations into a beautiful and enduring fulfillment of your needs.

Normally reserved for fine furniture, cabinetmaking, boat building, and musical instruments, Honduras Mahogany commands a premium cost but can return the most beautiful naturally-finished Conservatory imaginable.
A tropical South American mahogany, Cedro is one of the finest all-around woods for Skylight construction. It is dense, dry, dimensionally stable and is highly resistant to rot and vermon. Cedro is also remarkably beautiful with a natural finish and holds stain or paint exceptionally well.
Western Red Cedar has long been a favored choice for Greenhouse, Conservatory, and Skylight construction, due in part to its availability, clear blond complexion, and high durability. Though softer than the Mahoganies, Western Red Cedar is the wood of choice when only a natural Cedar look will do.
For dimensional stability, durability, ease of finish and uncommon beauty, Redwood is perhaps the finest. We select from the best grades commercially available; both All Heart and Better; and B and Better Select.
Unlike some competitors, you will rarely "see" these varieties in a Renaissance Conservatory or Skylight. Instead, we relegate their use for concealed structural beams, columns and blocking. Along with engineered lumber, these woods are suited best for locations requiring high-density strength, value, and where their exposure can be protected from the elements and from your discerning eye.